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Cleaner Transit, Smarter Advertising

Find out more about how you can bring cleaner public transportation to your city or grow your company's presence in local communities.


Public Transportation Programs

Find out about our Cleaner Transit Initiative and how we partner with public transit agencies to bring cleaner transportation to their city at no cost to them.


Advertising with WhiteCell

Learn how your business can effortlessly become a proud public supporter of a product made with a direct concern for the health of every rider aboard.



Curious how our product works? Check out the underlying WhiteCell technology we integrate into our product to create cleaner transit for passengers everywhere.

Hands-On Advertising

Eye level advertising access to all public transit passengers that shows your contribution to a cleaner public transit system.


Built to resist germs

Treated with an antimicrobial agent to reduce growth of germs on product surface by up to 99.9%.


Quick-change ad space

Choose from the large selection of latest pre-made blocks.


Easily adaptable

Our product design and crew makes bringing cleaner transit to your city an easy experience.


EPA registered and FDA approved

Aligns with EPA and FDA regulations to provide the safest possible method of cleaning for your riders.

Our Team

WhiteCell is here for you whether you're commuting to work, trying to bring traffic to your business, or a transit agency looking to better its facilities.

Wyatt Dike

Founder and CEO

Kevin Burnham

Head of Business Development

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