Our Flagship Product

Antimicrobial Hanging Hand Grips!

We are proud to announce our patent pending antimicrobial hanging hand grips as WhiteCell Technologies' flagship product. Our goal is to reduce potentially harmful microbial presence on surfaces that receive a high amount of contact from the passengers to make public transportation a cleaner and safer environment, and a more likely method of transportation, especially in population dense areas.

Our Product


Our product features a strong translucent plastic with a rectangular inlet above the grasping point to allow for information or advertisements to be delivered to passengers at unavoidable eye level height. This way, on one side we can inform the passengers of what the hanging hand grip does while giving the transit agency a way to monetize each handle and recoup the cost. With this special system, both the riders and the transit systems benefit from this innovation.

We would love to bring this innovation and technology to every transit system in the United States and beyond to benefit both the riders and transit agencies with our special hanging hand grip design and antimicrobial feature.

Drop us a line for where you would like to see these!

Currently we are in the following transit agencies for test pilots so come check them out!

Sacramento Rail Transit - December 15, 2017

Unitrans - February 1, 2018

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