Our Mission

At WhiteCell Technologies, we pride ourselves in providing high quality and low maintenance antimicrobial products, whether for the everyday consumer or companies and government agencies such as transit agencies. We target items that typically receive high amounts of human contact and microbial traffic in order to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful microbes on these surfaces.

Creating a Cleaner Surface for You

Clean Transit

Ride public transit with cleaner surfaces with reduced microbial presence.

Engineered for Safety

Engineered to be easy to install with the safety of the rider paramount to all.

Positive ROI

Transit agencies can monetize advertisement space on handles for a positive ROI in under a year.

Long-term Protection

Two year guarantee of antimicrobial effectiveness with a reduced replacement fee every two years.

Meet the Team

Wyatt Dike


Founder and CEO

Mechanical Engineering UC Davis


Our Journey



October 2017

While riding BART all summer for an internship in San Francisco, I realized that hanging handles in public transit needed an upgrade! With help from the ESSC at UC Davis and its members, WhiteCell Technologies quickly progressed from a dream to a reality.

Incorporation and 1st Product

November 2017

After weeks of hard work and determination, WhiteCell Technologies became officially incorporated and had its first product ready for launch, the self-sanitizing hanging handle for public transportation.

First Test Launch

December 2017

On December 15th, WhiteCell Technologies launched its first test pilot of its self-sanitizing hanging handle in Sacramento Rail Transit's Bus 1559! One step closer to cleaner public transportation!

Second Pilot Program!

February 2018

The WhiteCell handle launched into Unitrans, a Davis based transit system, as its second pilot program!

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